A Professional Student Centric Approach to Helicopter Flight Training

Helicopter Rescue
Sunset Helicopter Ride
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Committed to Excellence in Helicopter Flight Training

We are a a student centric CASA approved Part 141 flight training school focused on achieving your goals in a professional, safe and cost effective manner.

Flexibility is our key and as our name suggests, we are mobile and available to conduct remote helicopter training throughout Australia for the issue of a CPL, PPL, Low Level ratings, Sling Endorsements, Gas Turbine Engine endorsements and Flight Reviews.


Blackberry Aviation Pty Ltd, trading as Flightscope Helicopters and Remote Helicopter Training Australia, is committed to delivering the highest level of helicopter flight training in Australia, ensuring our graduates are employment ready.  

Our one-on-one training focus allows us to tailor a program that is targeted at your learning style and considers your other commitments.

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Archerfield Airport

Building 115, Hudson Pl

Archerfield QLD  4108

Glebe Helipad

Glebe Farm Road

Launceston TAS 7250

Ph: 0437 235 996

Helicopter Rescue


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MD Helicopters Australia

MD Helicopters Australia is the local representative for the US designed and manufactured MD Helicopters. Offering a suite of quality & high performing aircraft for both the civilian and military markets. MD Helicopters Australia is our preferred partner for all of our aircraft acquisitions and sales, including sourcing of hard to find aircraft spares.

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Flightscope Aviation

Our partner for fixed wing training, Flightscope Aviation offers a comprehensive range of training programs from RAAus to CASA general aviation private, commercial, instructor, formation, aerobatics and more. With a wealth of experience in the aviation industry, Flightscope Aviation offers the highest level of professional flight instruction.

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Heli Edge Aviation

Heli Edge Aviation is a professional CASA approved helicopter maintenance organisation offering the highest level of support for maintenance and major overhaul for a large range of engine and airframes. Heli Edge is our preferred provider of maintenance for our aircraft fleet. Heli Edge offers infield maintenance support.