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Remote Helicopter Training Australia was founded to be adaptable and flexible to meet the future needs of the helicopter industry and to nurture the industry’s next generation of professionals.



CEO | Head of Operations

Nathan is the founder, CEO and Head of Operations (HOO) of Blackberry Aviation. Nathan is a professional pilot and instructor with a wealth of experience conducting flight training, aerial work and charter operations throughout Australia.

Nathan hold the following:

  • CPL(H) and frozen ATPL(H)

  • NVFR

  • Instructor rating

  • Low level rating

  • Sling endorsement

  • Gas turbine engine design feature

Nathan has held CASA nominated CEO, Chief Pilot, HAAMC and HOO appointments and he takes pride in delivering training that equips you well for your career in aviation.

Nathan is endorsed on the AS350/H125, Bell 206 series, MD500 series, R66, R44, R22, H269, Cabri G and Bell 47.

Nathan has a comprehensive knowledge of the theory and the required competency standards to pass your flight training.